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Iím Talkiní Bout New Orleans
"Pure musicality and pure pleasure."
OffBeat Magazine


"The first and title cut of trumpeter Leroy Jonesí latest CD, Iím Talkiní Bout New Orleans, immediately lifts oneís spirits with its irresistibly happy melody and rhythm. [...] Iím Talkiní Bout New Orleans offers pure musicality and pure pleasure."
Geraldine Wyckoff, OffBeat Magazine

Album liner notes by Nicholas Payton

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Leroy Jones' new album, featuring all original compositions and an impressive all-star cast of New Orleans' finest musicians was officially released during French Quarter Festival 2016. 

Leroy Jones: I'm Talkin' Bout New Orleans (LJCD 1859)
1. I'm Talkin' Bout New Orleans 4:17
2. The Aftermath Blues 4:34
3. Armstrong Parade 4:27
4. Time Is Always On Your Side 6:50
5. Rosey's Theme 3:58
6. More Five Four 7:23
7. La Vella 3:21
8. Rendezvous 5:42
9. Carnival Is In The Air 3:32
10. Two Five One 5:11
11. Wonderful Christmas 3:26 (Bonus Track)

All songs and lyrics written and arranged by Leroy Jones, except "Two Five One," with lyrics by Paul Sanchez and music by John Rankin, Paul Sanchez and Leroy Jones.

Featured musicians
Leroy Jones ~ Alonzo Bowens ~ Wessell "Warm Daddy" Anderson ~ David Harris ~ Terrance Taplin ~ Katja Toivola ~ Helen Gillet ~ Todd Duke ~ Larry Sieberth ~ Jason Stewart ~ Shannon Powell

January 14, 2016

The past few months have been busy for Leroy Jones; composing, arranging, and planning all take place long before the musicians step into the studio. His upcoming release, under the working title "Iím Talkiní Bout New Orleans" will be recorded in January 2016 but planning for the album has been well under way for some time now. The final, welcomed push came from the Threadhead Cultural Foundation who supported the project in their fall grant cycle of 2014.

The total budget for the album is of course far greater than the Threadhead grant but the grant will cover a sizeable portion of the musicians' compensation. "Although I am producing the recording on my own, one of my priorities is to pay the musicians well for their time. This is what they do for a living, and you can't take favors and discounted rates to the bank," says Jones.

Consisting of original compositions, Jones' fans are surely waiting for the new album as it will be his first full length release since the 2009 "Sweeter Than A Summer Breeze." A single, "Go To The Mardi Gras" was recorded and released in 2012. The upcoming project "Iím Talkiní Bout New Orleans" will feature 10 songs, performed by different ensembles ranging from quartet to a sextet with strings. The personnel will include some of New Orleans' most sought after musicians and the studio team will be Jones' trusted duo of Tim Stambaugh and David Farrell. Most of the songs have never been recorded and all arrangements are tailored for this release. 

Excited to be heading back into the studio, Jones says that he is "delighted to be able to create a recording with only original compositions, thus adding to the New Orleans canon. It is wonderful that cultural foundations like the Threadheads are supporting artistic projects that perpetuate the true essence of New Orleans music."

Preproduction should be finished by December 2015 and if recording goes as scheduled, the fans will be able to purchase their copies of the brand new album in late March. As with Jones' previous projects, graphic design and photography will be done in-house, by Katja Toivola. This will allow the album's visual look to continue Jones' sophisticated trademark style.

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